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House Detective

show description:
Every home tells a story, and sometimes it keeps secrets. House Detective, with new host Mike Nelson, is a find-it and fix-it show that puts a house under the microscope. Each episode explores the "why-to" behind the "how-to", exploring the world of downspouts, crawlspaces and other home problem areas.

Our cameras follow Mike and certified home inspector Steve Ramos takes a home owner, buyer or seller through an actual inspection. We uncover hidden damage and hazards, shoddy construction methods, improper building techniques and potential problems.

Once we uncover the problems, the homeowner is given the opportunity to get them fixed, and learns how to safeguard themselves from potential disaster.

Whether buying or selling a home, or considering a major renovation project, House Detective provides viewers with relevant information on the biggest problems a homeowner will face.

House Detective is photographed as it happens, in a reality-TV, documentary style with the viewer getting the perspective of a frank, experienced and professional inspector and general contractor.

about the host:
After turning down an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, Mike Nelson attended Santa Clara University on a football scholarship and graduated in 1996.

Nelson launched his broadcasting career at Santa Clara University's radio station, KSCU. He soon became the voice for underground alternative music in the Bay Area, and began hosting his radio shows under the moniker, No Name, including gigs at KOME and LIVE 105. Since 2002, he has co-hosted the Sarah and No Name morning show at ALICE @ 97.3 FM (KLLC).

Nelson was the hyper-active voice behind MTV's Boiling Point which he voiced for three seasons (2004-2005). Currently, he can be heard screaming in the Pixar movie, Cars, in which he plays Owen Wilson's pit crew chief, "Not Chuck".

Mike Nelson resides in SF with his wife, Christi, and their son, Ed. The family is about to expand with son number two (expected to arrive in October). Mike fills his days with hot rods and barbeques, and enjoys spending quality time with his kegerator and drumming in his fire punk band, The Flames. He also enjoys smashing things with sledge hammers.

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